General Tems & conditions

1. Holidayworldwide LLP(www.holidayworldwide)shall in no circumstances whatsoever be liable to the Tourist/Group: Any death, personal injury, sickness, accident, loss, delays, increased expenses or substantial damages by any misadventure or otherwise caused. Any act, error or default of any licensee, carrier, travel component supplier or other person or by any servant or agent employed by the travel component supplier who may be engaged or concerned in the provision of accommodation, refreshment, carriage facility or service for the Tourist/Group, howsoever caused. In this clause the expression “however caused” includes carelessness on the part of any person.

2. Holidayworldwide LLP (www.holidayworldwide) has complete right at any time and for any reason: Cancel a Tour package or tour part prior to the date of departure and if it does so, its liability shall be limited to refunding all the money paid by the Traveller, towards the tour package or tour part To alter , amend, vary or withdraw any tour, holiday, excursion or facility, it has advertised or published, or to substitute a hotel of similar class if it is deemed advisable or necessary. In either case Holidayworldwide LLP(www.holidayworldwide) shall not be liable for any damages, additional expenses or consequential loss suffered by the Tourist or Group.

3. All services provide and assured by Holidayworldwide LLP(www.holidayworldwide) are subject to full realization of payment prior to departure.

4. No liability on the part of Holidayworldwide LLParise in any way out of this contract in respect of any tour or excursion, holiday or excursion facility shall exceed the total amount paid or agreed to be paid for the tour, holiday, package/ tour component or excursion, and shall in no case include any consequential damages or additional expenses whatsoever.

5. The prices quoted by Holidayworldwide LLP(www.holidayworldwide) in its brochures / quotation are in US Dollars or equivalent in foreign currency (local currency of the foreign country / countries being visited). Holidayworldwide LLP (www.holidayworldwide) reserves the right to amend these prices in case of currency variation and changes in various rates of exchange and or fuel cost before departure, and to surcharge therefore. Increases in price must be paid for in full.

6. In the event of Holidayworldwide LLPexercising its right to amend or alter any tour advertised in their brochure or any other media after such tour or holidays has been booked the Tourist shall have right:  To continue with the tour or holiday as amended or altered.  To accept any alternative tour or holiday which Holidayworldwide LLPmay offer. In neither of the above cases shall Holidayworldwide LLPbe liable to the Tourist/Group for any damages, additional expenses and consequential loss suffered by the Tourist/Group.

7. It is an obligation of the traveler Tourist/Group to check and hold substantial travel records like identification and Visa till the end of the visit. On the off chance that any travel archive like visa is cannot, lapses or is crossed out by the powers, the visit member will need to meet all the possibility emerging there from and to meet all costs considerable thereto. All visit projects and bundles/visit parts are liable to laws, principles and regulat/Group are on visit and back. Holidayworldwide LLPwill have no obligation in appreciation of any condition achieved by any such laws, and so on., or because of demonstration of God.

8. All claims, disputes and lawsuit relating to the tours arranged or co-coordinated by Holidayworldwide LLPshall be construed according to current Indian laws only and shall be subject to jurisdiction of courts in Delhi only.

9. The Ticket cost does not include any Insurance Premium. The Tourist/Group will have to pay any extra amount for premium at their own cost.

10. Holidayworldwide LLP, in composing has power to change, include, expand or waive off any depiction, representation, terms and conditions put forward thus or in leaflet or E-mail of the Holidayworldwide LLP, or different terms & conditions in regards to visit booked by the Tourist with the Holidayworldwide LLP.

11. Check in/Check out. Most lodgings overall watch 1400-1600 Hrs. as Check-in time & 1000-1200 Hrs. as Check out time. On the off chance that the Tourist/Group entry is before or takeoff is after the typical registration or registration time, Holidayworldwide LLPis not in charge of extra charges collected by the lodging or travel part supplier and such charges are to be settled by the Tourist/Group straightforwardly with the inn or travel parts supplier.Any objection by the Tourist (counting grumbling for the benefit of travelers of the Group presented by the Tourist) regarding or emerging out of the visit must be advised to Holidayworldwide LLPin composing inside of Ten (10) days from the end of the visit. No case or dissention made from that point might be entertained in any circumstances. No individual protest of traveler of the Group should be entertained straightforwardly and consequently same must be made just by The Tourist who is a pioneer of the Group.

12. Holidayworldwide LLP won't be at risk to any traveler for discount, remuneration or case for deficiency of visit days or for retraction, delay or re-directing of any specific booked transport benefit because of any reasons including mist. The standards in appreciation of undoing charges or discount will be pertinent. The tickets are issued, subject to conditions in this.


Holidayworldwide LLP is going about as occupying operators for the abroad visit administrator/travel segment supplier and is travel specialists just. The data given in the leaflet is as exact as the Company can make it. The Company's handout portrayals are of luxuries regularly accessible. In any case, circumstances can change because of occasions outside the ability to control of the Company. Major roadwork, and so on., may require course changes. Where the Company knows of these adequately ahead of time, the Company will advise the Tourist/Group. Course changes could likewise be required because of normal cataclysms. The Company does not control or work any Airline, neither do the Company claims or controls any delivery organization, mentor or mentor organization, Hotel, transport and other office or administration fixings, travel part in visit bundle/visit segment profited by the Tourist/Group. Since the Company just chooses and co-ordinates travel part, the Company might not be obligated for any damage, passing, misfortune, inadequacy in administration or harm, if any, created by any demonstration or exclusion of the administration or representatives or any self employed entity of any aerial transports, delivery organization and so o


Star arrangement of Hotels as 5 star, 4 , and 3* so on is given to Holidayworldwide LLPby the supplier of the inn travel segment and Holidayworldwide LLPattempt to approve and confirm this data in absolute great confidence. Holidayworldwide LLPcan't be held at risk for wrong and mistaken data gave to the Holidayworldwide LLP. Portrayals, photos, portrays and rundown of courtesies/offices are likewise given and this data is gotten from the supplier of the lodging travel part.


For the most part one bag not surpassing 20 kgs. what's more, one bit of lodge things not surpassing 5 kgs is allowed. Yet, it is constantly prudent to check with the particular Airlines/Overseas Tour Operator/Transporter. Stipend may differ from transporter to transporter. Just like the normal practice, one bit of baggage is to be with straight measurements (Length + Height + Width) not surpassing 45 inches. The Transporter may charge additional sum for the overabundance stuff. Against misfortune or late conveyance of stuff installment for the same is liable to conditions set around the aerial shuttle/abroad visit administrator/lodging. Holidayworldwide LLPwon't be subject to the traveler for any instance generally conveyance or loss of things climate created by any aerial shuttles, visit administrator or inn or by any other individual. Tiger Air, Air Aisa Fly Dubai.


Number of meals including breakfast are constantly parallel to the quantity of evenings booked by the Tourist in the lodging (if 3night stay than it would 3 breakfast). Lodgings don't offer breakfast upon the arrival of entry. Holidayworldwide LLPmaintains whatever authority is needed to change the supper game plan if circumstances make it important to do as such. The suppers are preset and decision of menu is not accessible.


 Packages: Wherever transportation is provided on basis of Seat in Coach (SIC) same is on sharing basis.  Sightseeing Tours: Transportation is provided on the basis of Seat in Coach (SIC) same is on sharing basis or Private vehicle basis depending upon the tour/tour option booked.  Airport Transfer: Transportation is provided on the basis of Seat in Coach (SIC) same is on sharing basis or Private vehicle basis depending upon the transfer/transfer option booked.